Sunday, May 15, 2011

Quebec, Canada (3): Summer 2010 -- In Montreal

Rosemont, corner 16th Avenue

The park just right in front of our house in the summer.

In the autumn.


Montreal Chinatown, this is where you can eat the cheapest Chinese food, get the cheapest Chinese/ Vietnamese/ Thai grocery with the biggest variety of selection!

In this country where the weather is range from cold to super cold for at least 8 months, there are plenty of activities during summer. i think people get crazy a bit during the short, warm or the most, one week of super hot summer.
During summer, there are some streets will be closed during weekend and became padestrian street with bazaar or street performance.
Mont-royal Street is one of the favourite for all.

Park Jean Drapeau

Biosphere, this is built for the Montreal Expo in 1960-an and now is the Environmental Museum. It used to have roof or plastic covers between the metal rack or structure, but they got distroied by a fire and the rebuilding cost was so big that the authority had decided to just left it this way.

I am not sure of the name of this animal but it came out from the hole in the ground and it was massive!
Besides from it, we also saw a fox and of course, the squirrels here.

The fountain in the park is a good place to play water for children.

Mont-royal Park

When the weather is good, the tam-tam players gather at Mont-royal Park to play. They attracted both local and tourists. The whole park turned into a massive play ground for all. There are people dancing, play games, picnic with the family, bazaar ... In all this, my least favorite are the extensive smell of marijuana and bear drinking, which are both highly tolerated during this time.

One of the activities in the park. It looked kind of easy, but it is really difficult to stand and walk on a rope. This guy is really good!

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Quebec, Canada (2): Summer 2010 - Around Montreal

The greatest summer activities for us are always to go to swim in the lake or go camping. Since Victoire is too young to do camping at that time, we went for swim. Lac (lac means lake in french) Bromont is the place where she took her first swim in the lake.

Not too far from Montreal

Bromont Lake

Bromont is more well known with its ski resort than the lake, obviously there must be a reason! The lake was affected by blue algaes at a time and there are quite a bit of the plants growing on the small beach. It is really not the best place to swim. However, as small as the beach, there are still 3 life guards on duty at the time that we were there.


The name of the place sounds good, but the beach is really so so. First of all, ALL the beaches are private or owned by some companies. So there is a whole day parking or access fees of $12, even though you plan to stay just 2 hours. The lake is big, but you will be swimming with the birds feathers and some water plants.

Further from Montreal

Breeches Lake

It takes more than 3 hours to get here. The land surrounding the lake is privately owned. Including the membership fees to the club and taxes to the council, expected to pay more than one thousand per year for just having a chalet by this lake. A big parts of the land around this lake have the status as 'reserve'. The water is very clear and warm enough to swim during summer.

The same place, but in autumn, there is a different look. Nothing much to do at this time of the year.

Just for comparison. During winter, the snow is so thick that the foot path to the chalet was totally disappeared. It is so icy cold that the water tap got frozen, so no water supply. Luckily there is a spring water near by. The lake is also totally frozen and covered by the snow.