Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Getting India Visa

i went to the Indian High Commission, Singapore, in the morning of Thursday (15 May).
It is located behind of Takashimaya, Orchard Road, in between of Orchard Road and Somerset train station.
For doing visa, they open only two hours from 9.15am - 11.30am
i got there at 9am and there was already a long queue.
By 9.15am sharp, the gate was opened and the queue slowly moved in.
Most of the people are Indian Citizen doing their citizen documentation stuff.
For tourist visa application, we need to take a queue number. The machine is at the right side beside of the main entrance into the office. One officer will be there to ask you to take the number for visa.
i got the number 047 and i was expected a long wait then.
Surprisingly, it was fast. By 9.40pm, i was done and left!
The lady at the counter asked me to come back again on next Wednesday (21 May) 10am, so it is 5 working days.
She said, on the day, i just go directly to Counter 5 and there is no need to queue up.
i need to bring a photocopy of my identity card by then.
You will received a SGD 20 payment receipt.

What to bring:
1. Original passport - will be returned to you
2. Processing fees of SGD 20, cash only (around USD 13)
3. Orginal Singapore Permenent Resident Identity Card (SPRIC)/ Original Workpermit (WP)/ Original Employment Pass (EP)
(They don't do visa for non-Singaporean who are not staying in Singapore)
4. 2 recent passport size photos
5. Visa application form (can download from the embassy website) For non-Singaporean, the officer will ask you to fill in another piece of form. Basically just some more personal details such as address, phone number... As for the Visa application form, thanks to online Lonely Planet. i did it as people's advise. Just put the name and address of the guest houses/hotels as my referees in India.

On 21 May, i went to Counter 5 and submitted my document and pay a SGD 80 visa fees. The officer said i shall come back in the afternoon of today between 4.15pm-5.15pm
This is done in less than 10 minutes.

What to bring:
1. Original passport - they will keep it and you collect it in the afternoon
2. Photocopy of your SPRIC/WP/EP - this is their copy
3. Your payment receipt of that SGD 20 - they checked and will return it to you.
4. Visa application fees - SGD 80 for six months tourist multiple entry visa, cash only (around USD 52). You will receive a receipt for this.

So, in the afternoon, at around 4.15pm, i went to the high commission for the third time!
i took the queue number from the same machine at the right side of office entrance.
i got number 216 and they were serving number 178 when i sat down.
In less than ten minutes time, my number was called.
i gave the officer my SGD 80 receipt, she returned to me my passport with the visa sticker now occupied a page.
The visa is valid from today (21 March) until 21 September 2007. Exactly six months.
So if you plan to stay in India for exactly six months, then make sure that you don't apply your visa too early.

In conclusion, the visa application is easy and fast.
But going there for 3 times was kind of troublesome to me.
With my visa on hand, i really looking forward to my trip now!

The national icon of India, the capital of Asoka Pillar.
The dome of Karnataka state government building.

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