Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Kolkata, India-15Aug07

Praying for my Friend, Zi Boon, in Memory

Jenny sms me the news that Zi Boon, our childhood friend and neighbour has passed a way in a road accident and asked me together to pray for his peaceful deceased.
i feel very sad, eventhough the last time i saw him was months ago during his brother's wedding and we didn't even talk. He was so young and yet he has just gone like this.
May his family be able to accept his deceased calmly.

In some way, i asked myself that, if i just died unexpectedly, what would i regret?
Especially on the Indian no-rule street, i think chances of die by knock down by a car is rather high.

i don't surprise that i don't think i have anything to regret to even if i just die. i have done whatever i need to, i have to and i want to. i have always do my duty to take care of my family, at least financially, i told the men that i like him so, eventhough i couldn't control his response and i always try my best to keep in touch with my friends. i like to travel, so i treated myself well to take a break from my work. In fact, these are the three things that came across my mind and i didn't even think about whehter i have a good career, reputation, money or asset.

i hope no matter how i die later, i would be able to maintain a peaceful mind and the one who loved me will be able to accept the impermanent nature of my deceased calmly and without much sadness.

May all beings be well and happy.

i wasn't in much mind to talk about my trip now, but, well, i have helped out as a volunteer for a day at Shanti Dan of Mother's House (for women with mental illness) and tomorrow, i will go to Prem Dan to volunteer at the centre for people with critical illness. More later ...

*Mother house is the charity centre or missionary by Mother Theresa.

The tomb of Mother Theresa at Mother House. The visitors are allowed to take picture of the tomb, but not the activities of the sisters in Mother House. There is a museum about the life of Mother and you could see her simple room, place she used to stay. Theare are daily Mass at the tomb chamber and the upper floor. i even woke up at 4.30am to join some other volunteers to go to the Mass at 5am. (The 5am in India looks almost as 'bright' as the 7am in Malaysia.)

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Angie said...

He's a good friend of mine..also my old primary classmate. The news of his death saddened me. May he rests in peace....

Nice reading your blogs! Keep it up!