Sunday, March 16, 2008

Leh, Ladakh, India: 23July08

White Water Rafting ... Halo to the Queen!

We woke up early in the morning and went rafting. There was an Isreali father-son in our van. When the an stopped at town for breakfast, they boiled their 'home-made' coffee by the road side. So we got a taste of authentic Isreali coffee.

The rafting was not as exciting as i expected, especially with a man told me that "i am very scared!" As Robert refused to take the front seat, so i took the front and Angela at behind. Well... Our strategy to "protect" the "fearful" man. There were another 3 young Isreali with us.

The water was very cold. i think it might be less than 15 Degree celcius. So it was chilling. Then when the sun came out, it was scorching hot. So we got both extreme. The rapid was not much, so the 2.5 hours on the river was bored.

The lunch by the camp was delicious though may be we were just hungry.

By the time we got back to Leh, we were all exhausted. i used my greatest determination to get to the bus station for getting my bus ticket to Srinagar on the next day.i was so tired by then, however i still managed to get to the restaurant and ate the famous desert (recommended by Katherina) -- Hallo to the Queen. It is basically crushed cookies cum ice cream cum banana and chocolate sauce. It was very sweet and in fact, it is so filling that i would say, it could just be a main course.

i packed my stuff and bid farewell to Angela as my taxi will be here at 5a tomorrow, to send me to the bus station. Soon, i am on the road alone again. i will miss her.

Brewing Isreali coffee by the road in Leh Town.

Safety briefing before the rafting.

we rafted on the river in the valley. Some how, i think this one looked like a scene of The Lord of The Ring, the twin tower.

One of the rapids.

The dessert, Halo to the Queen.
They ran out of ice cream at that time and it was the second time i went to that restaurant for this dessert. So they asked me to wait for 30 minutes while they went to get ice cream for me.

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