Monday, June 23, 2008

Newburry, Vermont: 8-11June08

Lovely and Serene ...

The smelly :) 18 years old dog, Princess, at the veranda.
It got very thick and long fur that, summer is too hot for him and it couldn't dry its thick fur fast enough during winter.
So it hasn't been taking shower for a while, even though it misses to swim in the river.
It is so old that, it goes with slow motion in its movement. :)

Humming bird feeding at the nectar 'tank' in front of the veranda.

The garden and Tish's house.

We saw a few deers some where at the grassland in the evening time.

In the village, each house is rather far apart.
Like many little small places, they recognized each other as, this is who's mom or this is who's daughter.
They give direction in the way that: Turn left a john's house.

Hairy cows.
I thought they were wild because one herd of them were just walking freely near to the wood and they just ran away when i got too near.
But unfortunately, they are been feed to be slaughter for meat.
The good thing is, at least they are not factory confined cows.

The shallow and very clear, clean river.

The horse at some neighbour's courtyard.

How many house is blessed with a small waterfall in front of the house?
How many of us has the sound of river or waterfall to accompany your sleep?
Tish and family got them all.

This is a very nice house number plate.

Thanks to Tish, i visited to the school where she is teaching, Oxbow High School, and witnesses their interesting and fun informal small graduation of the high school (not the real graduation ceremony).
The senior (the graduating students) marched into the hall with their funny costumes and later on, the junior gave them flowers.

The grassland beside of one of the neighbour's house.

My friend, Tish.
i enjoyed the stay at her house with her sister, Cathy and nephew, Philips, and niece, Alicia.

The beautiful sunset.
When was the last time that you enjoy a sunset?
You see a fireflies?
You see a stary night?
You enjoy watchings a lightning?

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