Saturday, August 30, 2008

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: 31 July - 2 Aug 2008


Some Montrealers that i have met said, Ottawa is boring. Yeah, maybe in compare to the colorful and cultural Montreal, Ottawa is just a boring government city.
In fact, i don't see more than 30 of Malaysian flags at downtown Kuala Lumpur or Singaporean flags near Singapore downtown as well, but it is just bizzarre or drive you crazy to see so many maple left flags around because all the major government offices are just near to the parliment hills, downtown. With all the flags, you can't forget that you are at the place of federal government!
i guess, Ottawa "need" to be boring so that it looks exactly like a government place. :)
Well... i like here though. It is slow and kind of quiet as a city.

Byward Market is a colorful, bustling area where activity peaks on Saturday. Outdoor vendors, mostly farmers from West Quebec and the Ottawa Valley sell Vegetables, fruit and flowers.
You can find craft, meat, seafood, baked goods and cheese around too.

This old market building from the 1840s lends its name to the adjacent neighborhood.

National War Memorial.
Reminded me of the "unmoved" soldiers we saw at Taiwanese Jiang Jie Shi's memorial.
It seems like a pair of "not moving" solider is a kind of international "respect" to the deceased military personnel.

Rideau Canal.

The supreme court of Canada.
Completed in 1946 and is partially open to the public for visit.

Parliament Hill.
The Peace Tower at the Centre Block and the eternal flames right in front of the courtyard.
There are free guided tour to the internal building.

Downtown Ottawa from the Peace Tower.

The memorial inside of the Peace Tower.
A big books with people's name is inside of the coffin-liked structure.

Rideau Hall, where the Governor stays.

National Gallery, one of the finest in Canada.
i like the big spider.

The Canadian Civilization Museum at Gatineau.
It is right opposite to the parliment hill.

Fritzroy Provincial Park. It is just an hour drive from Ottawa.
We went for a day of camping.

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