Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Manchester, England, UK: 17-20 October 2008

Manchester United

Talking about Manchester, the only thing i know is Manchester United. My brother-in-law is a big big fan of the football team.
In fact, Manchester was the city that gave birth to capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.
Around the city, like many parts of England, it is the mixture of the old buildings, dated hundred years ago, and the modern skyscrapers.

Old Strafford stadium.
We are not football fans. But it seems like a "must do" to watch a Manchester United game here.
When there is a game going on, the hotel rate got inflated as well.

The world's most famous supported football club is the most hated club in England and has a smaller fan base in Manchester than its far less successful cross-town rivals, Manchester City.
In this game, MU defeated West Brom with 4-0.

United fans treating the old strafford stadium like holy ground and the stars that play there like minor deities.
The ambient in the stadium was superb.
The fans cheering and singing "Champion in England, Champion in Europe."

The game itself wasn't that great, as West Brom was a bit weak.
The experience was superb.
It is almost impossible to buy a ticket at a reasonable price on the spot or from the official organisation.
So the hotel staff gave us someone's number and we kind of rented their seasonal ticket at 60 pound each, but sitting at almost last 15 rows.
Many rental option if you just ask around.

Outside of the stadium, there are many small stalls selling football related souvenirs and greasy spoon kind of food.

There are many water channel in Manchester.
We opened one of the water gate for this boat.
The couple travelled to Manchester from Cambridge and have been doing this around Europe.

Castlefield Basin, line with fine pubs and trendy restaurants.
A very cosy part of the city.

Museum of Science and Industry, the city largest museum.
It is an interesting place to see the collection of steam engines, locomotives, factory machinery from mills...

Every Chinatown around the world seems like set to build an arc.
This is where people find cheaper food option.

Not sure what is this beautiful building.
Seems like a city hall.

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