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Dieppe, France: 27-28 December 2008

Admiring the cliff and the castle...

We went there after earning extra quids from working during Xmas and spending at big sales on Boxing Day. :)
It is relatively easy to go to Dieppe from Brighton. The ferry is early in the morning at New Haven, so we took taxi from Brighton (20 quids) to New Haven at 6am. Arrived at 6.20am, which proved to be too early. The ferry departs at 8am and officially, you should check in 45 minutes before the departure, but many arrived at around 7.15-7.45am.
The ferry ride was around 4 hours and pleasant. A bit like Star Cruise. In the ferry, there are shops, cafes, gambling machine or game areas, children playground ...

Dieppe is an enjoyable small-scale port. During the 19th century, Parisians came here by train to take the sea air.
The ferry terminal is within walking distance to the town center (20 minutes) and we were first greeted by this beautiful marina, with the backdrop of cafes, brasseries and restaurants.

The medieval Dieppe Castle, currently Dieppe Castle Museum, is built by the cliff. It is over looking the seafront and the town centre.

The castle is first constructed in 14th century.
For me, the museum most impressive collection is a group of carved ivories, shipped back to the town from Africa by early Dieppe explorers.

Like Brighton, the beach is pebble beach.
It is very pleasant to stroll through the extravagant seafront lawns.

There are a few nice old church in the town centre.

The centre of the old town is dominated by this huge restored cafe, built as an inn.
There are many boutiques and shops around this areas.
Dieppe is my first France experience. i would say, people kind of seems more relaxed here.

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