Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9-10 July 2009: Prague, Czech Republic

My Dreamed City in Europe

When i was a teenager, i read the travel column in the newspaper which talked about Prague. i saw the beautiful pictures and from that time, i told myself that, one day, i am going to this place. I am grateful that, we made it here, eventhough i don't feel as impressed as i wanted to. May be, if Prague is the first European country that i went after UK, then i would response in the "wow" way that i thought i would. Never the less, Prague is still one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, like Edinburgh.

In compare with Western Europe, Czech Republic is relatively cheaper.
We stopped at this small border town with Germany and row of shops like this reminded me of those back home in Malaysia.
We bought the 7 days highway vignette (the least day that we would buy) and changed a bit of Czech money (kc).
The most expensive fuel we got was in The Netherlands, eventhough Shell is from there! It was around 1.4 Euro per little, while in Germany, it was around 1.2 to 1.3 per little.
Over here, the fuel is around 1 euro or less per little, so we saw quite a few of the German car bought the fuel in big tanks.

The entrance to Prague Castle near to the old steps. Prague Castle is the biggest castle complex in the world and it feels more like a small town than a castle.

St Vitus Cathedral is a glorious French Gothic structure. Visit to the nave with beautiful stained-glass windows is free of charge.

One of the popular souvenir here is obviously the puppet which move by the strings. Some like this old woman puppet, is not something that you want to hang in your house.

The cheapest thing to eat is probably the street food. We found this hot dog interesting as the hot dog was 'embedded' in the bread. They did not have vege dog though.

This side of the River Vltava is overlooking the old town and seems like a popular place for pictures taking.

Charles Bridge crowded by small merchants, beggars, tourists and street performers.

The old town square and Jan Hus Manument, erected on the 500th anniversary of the religious reformer's execution at the stake.

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