Sunday, September 20, 2009

August-September 2009: Southampton and Around

"Soton" - Home of the Titanic

We came to Southampton twice to visit friends and finally, at the third time, we moved here. This is our last destination in UK/Europe, time to end the journey and to go back home.
Stay in the studio apartment above of my friends' restaurant, we are well taken care of with constant free and discounted meals. :P With their care and helps, we will leave this country with warmth hearts.

Titanic left from Southampton to New York. There were many people from Southampton were working on the ship at the time it sank. So there is a Southampton Maritime Museum that people generally called Titanic Museum.

Southampton is a port without beach. The nearest and better beach to swim is Bournemouth, which is at least one hour from here. So Bournemouth is always crowded when the sky 'unusually' blue or when the weather is a bit warmer.

We found this small beach at Hill Head. It is nearer to Southampton (20-30 min), but the beach is pebble beach, a bit muddy and smell seaweed strongly.
The water wasn't as clear as in Bournemouth and the strong wind here attracted many people for wind ski.
Not as good to swim.

The beach at Lee-on-the-Solent is our nearest favourite beach. It is just next to Hill Head, but the water is clearer and deeper for swim.
It is equally windy, but during sunny day (eventhough is sacred), it is still nice to be here and swim.

Stonehenge stands unperturbed by 80km/hr whipping winds and legions of people who have visited for over 5000 year.
For centuries, religious devotees have come to Stonehenge for its mystical karmic energies.
The most famous Stonehenge legend holds that the circle was built of Irish stones magically transported by Merlin.

The monument was once a complete circle of 7m high stones weighting up to 45 tons - dates from about 1500 BC.
The labourers' technological capabilities were more advanced than we can imagine.


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