Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cameron Highland, Malaysia: 15 - 16 Dec 07

Cameron Highlands is Malaysia's best-known and most extensive hill station. The weather is cool and damp (altitude between 1300m and 1829m) and the fertile conditions make it an important farming area in Malaysia.
The cool weather temps visitors to exertions normally forgotten at sea level. However recent construction of hulking apartment blocks has somewhat changed the old-fashioned, English atmosphere.

Flower farm.

Hydroponic vegetable farm. 3 packages of lettuce for RM 5.

Strawberry Farm. Pluck your own strawberry. 1kg for RM 40, minimum half kg.

Cactus Farm. 6 or 7 small pot of cactus for RM 10.

Cactus Farm - Grapes!

Vegetable Farm - Tomato.

Night market.

Bamboo cake. Yummy.

Souvenirs stall.

The view from hotel. A lot of developments are going on. Probably not a very good thing to the valley.
Sometimes i would think, how much do we human beings need to destroy our mother earth so that we could kind of to enjoy the nature.

The hotel and the surroundings.

Tea plantation.

Lata Iskandar, the waterfall.

The tea plantation.

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