Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Delhi-McLeod Ganj, India: 30June07

Last stop at Delhi

I was kind of lucky. i met Mami, a Japanese girl, on the train from Varanasi to Delhi. i asked to use her room for shower and keeping luggage and she said OK. So i got a place to take shower before my night bus. We hang out a bit with breakfast and talked using my broken Japanese and her broken English. She is a baker, she makes cake back in Japan! We were almost the same age and it was a pleasant morning with her.

then i checked email and walked to Connaught Place from Paharagaj. It was just a 30 minutes walk and i finally tasted the India only McVege in the crowded McDonald. The coffee was so so. i started to miss the aromatic coffee back home.

On the way back, i met an annoying Indian young man. Probably only 18 and he just followed me all the way and eventually asked me for sex, even though i told him that i have a husband and kid waiting for me at the hotel. These people have no pride and obviously tarnishing the name of Indian people.

As usual, the private bus is always kind of disastrous. Not punctual and eventually i started to doubt whether they intended to get us to McLeod Ganj at all. One hour of waiting at the agent shop and another hour by another hour. After 3 hours, we were still in Delhi waiting for the bloody hell bus to depart.

In the end, the bus got us to some where and we changed to another bus. That oven-like bus broke down halfway and the driver managed to get it repaired. With the seems like continuously stops and reckless driver, somehow, we managed to get to McLeod Ganj at around 8am ,in one piece, and i took the 4pm bus from New Delhi!

Mami and me in a restaurant near to New Delhi Railway Station.

The restaurant staff making chapati.

The modern areas of New Delhi.

The vegetarian McDonald, find only in India.

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