Tuesday, January 29, 2008

McLeod Ganj, Dharamsala, India: 12July07

Holy or Holey??

The first day to beck to the world after the intensive ten days meditation retreat. Time to communicate and move on again.
After ten days of seeing each other's faces, i have came to know a few girls. So the Korean girl, Angela (Scottish) and Katherina (German) and me walked down to the town from the meditation centre at Dharamkot. Then Angela and Katherina and me stayed in the same guesthouse. Again, i have companions! i later decided that, i am going to join the two of them, Angela and Imba (Isreali) to Leh. It would be easier to have friends to travel together for the 2 days bus ride.
i then went to Dalai Lama's temple and the Tibetan Museum. The displays in the museum are not much, but enough to make you feel really bad for been a Chinese descendant. It tells a powerful story of the Chinese invasion to Tibet and the Tibetan struggle for self-determination.
At the temple area, there was special teachings given to the group of Taiwanese pilgrim. So i just sat in to listen since i understand Mandarin perfectly.
Dharamsala gave me a very touristist feel. i think this place is full with Westerners especially Isreali, may be searching for their souls or 'enlightenment'. i don't even feel like in India, with this kind of weather (cold) and the atmosphere. We teased Imba that, this is little Isreal instead of Little Tibet.
The touristism make up a big variety of food here. All delicious and vegetarian! Basically this is a place for holiday maker to chill out, learn yoga, massage and spend money.

Beijing Olympic 2008 ... Different edition of count down.

All the more expensive hotels are facing to the valley.

At Tsuglagkhang Complex (Dalai Lama's Office and residence and temple), a Rinpoche was giving sermon to the Taiwanese pilgrim group.

The tiny and cold room which i had stayed for ten days during the meditation retreat.

A local woman.

The village at Dharamkot, near to the meditation centre.

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