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Leh,Ladakh,India: 21July2007

Relax ... Yummy Momo

We met Janet and Warrant for breakfast and we met Robert, a German, who Angela talked to in the other day. So all of us had breakfast together.
Angela and me then decided to check on rafting and trekking or home stay programme. Robert wanted to join us, then three of us just wandered around the main bazaar and Changspa Road, checking the costs. Trekking was expensive, so we decided to do rafting instead.
While we were just shopped around at the main bazaar, we saw the Japanese girl who we met at the Vipassana Centre at Dharamsala. She was holding intimately the hand of a white guy slightly older than her. She definitely looked like in love. So obviously she found her partner not soon after the retreat. I hope this would be a happy lasting relationship for her.
Traveling with Angela had made my life a lot easier. She is independant and easy to talk to. i didn't have to deal with a lot of things as she would made the decision and just asked me in most of the time. There were times that, i hope we could always do things together like when i was with Matt and Vivien, but sometimes, we just had to go separate way due to different in interest.
Then, we met Magaret, the German lady who stayed besides of me at Vasikht. She took a bus for two days to get to Leh. She said it wasn't that bad and then i decided that, i would take a bus to Srinagar. In terms of price, taking a bus and jeep will be almost the same but i think this would be a 'new' experience to me.

Leh is a very small town and the most popular area for us, tourists to eat and spend money is around Fort Road.

A big chanting wheel in the middle of town.

The local women selling fruits and vegetable by the road. Plastic begs are not allowed in Leh. So you either bring your own carrier or you just hold whatever stuff you bought with hands. If you are luckily, the stall owner might provide you with some thin paper begs.

Tibetan dishes. Vege mom, a kind of dumpling. Yummy!

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