Sunday, November 23, 2008

Quebec City: Spring & Summer 2008

Spring: 14-16 May 2008

A restaurant at Old Quebec.
Leaves started to grow ...
Old Quebec is 400 years old in this year.

The main street of Old Quebec.
Le Miserable is in the town.

My boyfriend told me that this is a city hall ... :(
But in fact, this is the famous Le Chateau Frontenac.

St Lawrence river view from the hill.

Nearby this street is said to be the first settlement of Quebec City, 400 years ago.

They get 12 feet of snow for the winter.
The snow is obviously that thick that, it just takes forever to melt down totally.
So i got this last chunk of snow here.

Montmorency Chute.
It is not a wide waterfalls, but a rather tall one.
So the thundering sound effect is good.

Summer: 16-18 August 2008

A family picnics with Mathieu's mother side relatives.

The roof of Civilisation Musuem.
It is a green roof, the musuem grows vegetable here and donates the cultivation to charity.

One of the famous tourist landmarks.
(Don't remember the name ...)

In conjunction of Quebec City 400 year celebration, there was a huge street celebration.
When the wind blows, the blue things created a feel of sea wave.
There is a projector show, "Images of Time" at night.

One of the many First Nation reserves near to Quebec City.
This White staff from the reserve's musuem is actually a First Nation.
This tribe of First Nation has all their tribe members looked like White since hundred years ago. (In contra to the brown skin of most of the First Nation.)
This is due to the mix-marriages between the Huron women and the White men.
Many Huron men died in the war, so the Huron women started to marry White men.
This guide has 25% of Huron blood. If he married a White or non-First Nation, then his offspring will lose the First Nation status.

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