Monday, December 8, 2008

Montreal, Quebec, Canada: Spring & Summer 2008

Tribute to Montreal

We stayed first at Mont-royal East, and then we moved to Bernard West. The East is the French speaking area, while the West is the more English speaking area. Bernard West itself, is actually a Jew community. Both places are unique in its own and in fact, Montreal is just unique.

Olympic Stadium and Montreal Tower.
The dome's roof is supposed to be able to open, but it only did once ...
This structure is so expensive that, it puts the Montrealer in debt for a long long time.

Montreal City view from Montreal Tower.
The green iron bridge is Jaques-Cartier Bridge.

Quarter Latin of St Denis.
It is a fine dinning and shopping areas.

A hotel advertisement at the gay area.
Montreal have a large community of gay and people are rather open/acceptance about this.

It is like a small zoo where children learn about different kind of ecology.

Botanical Garden.
The Chinese Garden is completed with the help of expert from China.

As long as there are Chinese, there is a Chinatown.
i can even get the Malaysian Ipoh Old Town Coffee or Tea here!

Saint Joseph Obrituary.
This is such a majestic and giant structure that, it worth to pay a visit even for none religious purpose.

Notre Dame at Old Montreal.
Beautiful and serene.
Celine Dion's son is baptised here.

Mont-royal Avenue, right outside the window from our room.

Jean Talon Market.
This is a bit like the market in Asia and we like to buy our fresh supplies of food here.

St Gabriel.
i never associate beach with a lake before.
For me, beach means by the sea.
But in Quebec, obviously many beaches people are talking about are by the big lake.
So, it is fresh water beach.

Every summer at around July, there is a two weeks international fireworks.
This is Austrian fireworks.
The bridge, Jaques-Cartier, is closed during the fireworks day, for the public to watch the fireworks.

Quebec Day, 24 June.
The celebration of Quebec Day is way much appreciated than the Canada Day (1 July).
Both are like national day, but one is at the provincial level.

Chutes Monte-a-Peine-et-des-Dalles.
This waterfalls is around 2 hours drive from Montreal.
From time to time, eventhough it is dangerous and not allowed, but some people still dive from the falls ... for fun ... and died.

Hair-cutting at the private cottage by Lac Breeches. :)

Tam-tam at Mont-royal Park on Sunday, throughout the Summer.

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