Monday, March 30, 2009

Cambridge, England, UK: 17 Jan 2009

Chinese New Year Celebration

In celebration of Chinese New Year 2009, we (or I :) had decided that, we were to make a day trip to Cambridge at the weekend before.
This would be the last sightseeing place around east England, before we moved to Wales later.
The university began around 800 years ago, when rebels defected from Oxford to this settlement on the River Cam.

King's College. It is said that, the chapel is the best among all colleges.
My first impression to Cambridge is, this town is pedestrians-friendly. Cars are not allowed at certain parts of the city centre.
The buildings are old and beautiful, but i wasn't feel as impressed as when i first arrived in England.
There is a good vegetarian restaurant right in front of the college, which is a big big plus than the chapel. :)

Taking boats at Cam River seems like the best way to see the colleges, since most of them (or all?) charge an entrance fees to visitors.
The route is scenic and relaxing as well, but not the best thing to do during cold winter.

The street near to St John's college, one of the Cambridge collages founded by women but for men.
There is a Venice copy of Bridge of Sigh.
Somehow, we think, all the people here are just ultra-smart and we assumed that, everyone was either the student or the graduate from the world renown university.

Not sure what is the name of these flowers in English, but i am quite sure that, these are mei2 hua1 梅花 .
The flowers we used (but faked flowers) to decorate the house during Chinese New Year, to celebrate the over of the winter and the arrival of Spring soon.

This area around Magdelene Bridge looked more modern, with the restaurants and pubs lining by the river.

London Chinatown

We decided to come to London Chinatown during Chinese New Year eve, to feel the festive mood.
I don't have many Chinese New Year that i spent without my family members, this was the second one that i could remember, but the first one that i was so far away from them.

Reunion dinner, but only two of us.
We chose this restaurant because it got a vegetarian menu, but nothing really inspiring,
Family dishes are just simply the best during the festival time.
Miss my mom's specially.... The adapted version of vege rolls from the meat rolls. This is my family cuisine which could only be eaten during "big occasion".

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