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Cardiff, Wales, UK: Winter & Spring 2009

The Red Dragon

In my mind, Cardiff is always quiet and cold (weather). May be because of we moved to Cardiff during winter, so there were nothing much going on. People only go out and get drunk during weekend, and the normal weekdays are pretty much quiet on the street. So on Saturday and Sunday morning, the main streets are always full with rubbish. I am amazed that, some people think littering is "acceptable". The council street cleaners work hard early in the morning. If you want to witness the "wonder" of how much rubbish over just one night, you got to be on the street before 6am.

Wales Millennium Centre at Cardiff Bay. It is home to seven of the Wales major cultural organisations.
When i think about Cardiff, i would remember this stone-age looking building at first.

The space ship looked building is Wales Millenium Stadium, cost 110 million pounds to build.
The stadium and city get really busy during the Six Nations Rugby game. Big match like this paralyses the city centre but nobody seem minds.

Around the stadium areas during Six Nation rugby game, Wales vs Ireland. Ireland won with a grand slam since 65 years ago.

We stay at this immigrant areas called Riverside, right in front of The Millenium Stadium.
The community suffers from tip-flying and for some reasons the street is always full with rubbish at all time.
Besides from this, there are quite a few pakistani, Indian, Sikh and Chinese grocery shops around.
So it is always easier for me to buy some oriental food stuff.

The main shopping arcades is formed by High Street, St Marry Street and pedestrianised Queen Street.
There are many small shops and cafes around this area.

Cardiff Castle is enclosed by this animals wall.
The animals looked so lively that, i won't be surprise if children growing up here believed that, the animals come into live at night!
This is my favourite structure in Cardiff.

i got the impression that, many of the sights in Cardiff is donated by the marquis of Bute to the city, such as Cardiff Castle and the Bute Park just right beside.
This spiky tower which looks like a medieval rocket has some extravagantly decorated rooms inside.
Right now, i am a Cardiff resident who pay Cardiff Council tax, so i am entitled to apply a resident pass and got years of unlimited free entrance, as long as i continue to stay in Cardiff.

View from The Keep of Cardiff Castle.
The domed and sculptural flourishes white stone buildings are Cardiff Civic Centre, house the City Hall, National Musuem & Gallery of Wales and ...

Around Llandaff Cathedral is a green and peaceful suburb that feels more like a village cluster. The beautiful Cathedral was built in a dip to hide it from potential seaborne invaders.

Saint Fagan, The Musuem of Welsh Life is an open musuem, where rescued buildings from all over Wales have been reconstructed . I got the impression that, Welsh were mainly coal miners and farmers (from the amount of sheep we still see now). It is a pleasant place to walk around with each "display", such as a mill house, within the short distant with another display.

Saint David's Day Parade - 1 March

Saint David's Day is the feast day of Saint David, the patron saint of Wales, and falls on 1 March each year. The date of March 1st was chosen in remembrance of the death of Saint David on that day in 589, and has been celebrated by followers since then. The date was declared a national day of celebration within Wales in the 18th century.
In 2003 in the United States, St. David's Day was recognised officially as the national day of the Welsh.

The baby girl dressed in the traditional Welsh costume.
According to common belief, the Welsh costume comprises a high hat, petticoat, bedgown, apron and shawl, the whole of local manufacture.
The bedgown was a sort of long coat, forming a waist, and closing over the bust, and a long tail which folded behind over the petticoat, with the apron hiding the petticoat front.

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