Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Bath, England, UK: 15March2009

Glorious Spa Town

The Roman name for Bath, Aqua Salis, means "the waters of Sul", the Celtic goddess of springs. Jane Austen lived here from 1800 to 1805. The UN declared Bath a World Heritage city - the only one in Britain - for the quality of its Roman remains and Georgian splendours.
Today, Bath is a compact but i would say, tranquil in her way.

The three-arched Pulteney Bridge spanning the River Avon.
This is one of the only three shop-lined bridges in the world.
The U-shaped weir below was added later to safe guard the city from frequent floods.
This is my favorite sight in the town.

When we walked on the bridge, we didn't feel that we are walking on a bridge. The bridge is spacious and the shops are just one by another. It was amazing to go inside the shop, look through the window and realised suddenly that, we were on the bridge, right above of the river!
A mask like this reminded me of the masquerade at The Phantom of the Opera. :)

My picture here doesn't show the magnificent of the Royal Crescent.
i do not have the right software to do the stitches to join the series of pictures i took.
Basically, this historical landmark is 184metres in a single, curved facade and lined with more than 100 Ionic columns.

A big tree in Royal Victoria Park.

Around the famous Roman Bath spa complex, dedicated to the goddess Sulis Minerva by the Roman.
The greenish water in the complex has not been used for bathing since the late 1970s and the square nearby the complex is popular with street performers and sellers.

Bath Abbey (actually a parish church) is dubbed the 'lantern of the west' due to its huge and plentiful stained glass windows.