Saturday, April 25, 2009

St Ives & Land End's, Cornwall, UK: 4-5April2009

More than Cornish Pastry

St Ives undergone a smooth transition from a fishing village to today's holiday haunt. This is the town of picturesque nooks and eyes-catching vistas. My favorite thing to do is to just walk in the maze of disorientating narrow lanes and either visit to a cafe or just a gallery or even a shop.
Land's End is England's extreme Western tip. It doesn't "match" very much to have a big amusement complex in a place like this, but it was pleasant to walk on the turf-covered cliffs still.

The steeply build town of St Ives has broad sand beaches and higgledy-piggledy flower-decked lane.

One of the restaurants lined at the harbour's coastline. Many of the shops or houses we saw have small and short door.

A narrow lane at night. We feel rather safe to walk in a small lane like this at night and all the lanes are very clean.

Except from Cornish pastry, there a quite a number of shops selling fudge as well.

Porthmeor Beach. The beach or water in St Ives is one of the best in UK. The water is clear and blueish.

I would say, it was such a bravery to challenge the coldness to swim at this time of the year. There are a few surfers with their wet suits in the sea, but as for swimmer, he was the only one.
He came back to the shore in less than 10 or 5 minutes though. :)

Even the cat couldn't resist the juice-dropping cornish pastry.
Actually, it is like a bigger version of Malaysian karipap.

The promontory, St Michael's Mount, can be approached on foot along a cobbled causeway during low tide or by frequent small ferries from Marazion.
It was initially a monastery complex and later on became the fortress and castle.

The amusement complex that dominates the Land's End come closes to irreparably violating the spirit of the place.

The traditional Land's End souvenir: a photo taken next to a signpost showing distances to New York, John O'Groats and your hometown. It was 9 or 12 pounds a picture (don't really remember). If you don't want to pay, just take the picture without the distance to your hometown and from outside of the wooden fence.

Besides from the scenery, the coast path is a good place to observe the diverse wildlife as well.

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