Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amritsar, Punjab, India: 17June07

The Sikh's Holiest Shrine, Golden Temple

The train was longer than we expected, 19 hours. It was very full with passengers too. We basically had to sit separately at different seats. This time also, nobody really treid to engage us in a conversation. One or two but not as many as any of our previous ride. (Indian like to talk to foreigners.)
When we arrived at Amritsar, we took one hour to find a clean and cheaper guest house in the rain, with a cycle rickshaw. Then we just somehow fall aslept. When we wake up, we lingered around the holy and crowded but shomehow yet peaceful golden temple.
The town was so small that there was nothing much to explore around the temple. We went back and slept again. :)

This was an unusual night with the sickle shaped moon and star on the sky.

The causeway leads to the two-storey marble temple. This stands in the middle of the sacred pool, Amrit Sarovar (pool of nectar), that gave the town its name.

The bustling and grimy alleys of the surrounding of Golden Temple.

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