Monday, September 10, 2007

Udaipur, Rajasthan, India: 10June07

The child beggar threw stones to me!

The weather at Udaiphur was nice. It was colder than any other places in India that i have been , so far, and yet drier. So we didn't perspiring like hell.
The town area or toursit area itself wasn't as large. We went to the palace, museum, hindu temple and put an end of the day by the very energetic Rajasthani dance and music.
The room we got was windy and facing to the lake. It was indeed really a nice good place for honeymoon.
The not so nice experience was probably that a young beggar snatched my mango drink empty tetra-pack, thinking that it was a full drink. When he found that it was just rubbish, he threw stones at me! i was shocked. He was just may be 3 or 4 years old and he already started to beg and snatch things. What would he do when he grows up?
For those kids from normal family, how do they feel and think to see young beggars around their age struggling for a living? How does the parents explain to their children?

Udaipur is said to be the "white" city.

Lake Pichola and the city centre.

The usual India scene, people washing openly. Not every house has their own water supply.


Anonymous said...

wau fantastic,it seem is a mix outdoor bathing place.the thing is they should naked, but y the women still wearing...... i enlarge the pic n found some men naked, wat the motive of the photographer!!!

shenjiaqing said...

In this case, it is more to the motive of the viewer. :)