Sunday, September 30, 2007

Amritsar-Haridwar, India: 19June07

Holy Hindu City, Haridwar

Again, this was a longer train ride from expected, almost 8 hours. We got a not very clean but quite a big room in Haridwar and then we headed to the ghat.
The ghat in the evening was full with pilgrims taking bath in the river to purify their sins. Mathieu joined the crowd to swim in the river. He did this in Ganges Varanasi too, so i teased him saying that, he has a very very clean soul when he goes back to Canada. i soaked my feet in the cold water. At least i got part of my soul cleansed. :) The river is real clean for international standard! (Obviously in general, Indian cleanliness has other standard than others.) We then did the flower release puja. The priest insisted to be paid. i refused and told him that we would only pay at the counter which gave us official reciept. If he is the real priest, this contribution would go to him as well! So we went to some counter and pay to get a receipt.
Haridwar have more beggars than any other places too. Obviously those come to clean their souls are more willing to futher boast their kamma too.

Har-ki-Pairi (The Footstep of God) is where Vishnu is said to have dropped some heavenly nectar and left a footprint behind. is makes it a very sacred spot and the place to wash away your sins. Pilgrims bathes here in its quick currents.

Every evening, the crowds assembly at Har-ki-Pairi and the river comes alive with flickering flames for puja.

Floating offereings are released onto the Ganges. Haridwar is propitiously located at the point where the Gnages emerges from the Himalaya.

The ghats sit on the western bank of the Genges canal and every evening hundreds of worshippers gather for ganga aarti (river worship ceremony).


柏大衛 said...

I guess your soles are now clean! :-)

(heh heh)

柏大衛 said...

I guess your soles are now clean! :-)

(heh heh)

money said...

I guess before commenting about our hygiene standards, you should try to understand the culture of India and the issues due to which Ganges is dirty. If you become judgemental with a birds eye view, that is not justified. Just see the way americans treat the rest of the world. U also come from oriental culture and yo know what the west thinks about us. But this is because of heir naiveity. I won't say that the river is clean but please don't post such views. After all atleast the people in your country will read this and perpetuate the views.
Again these are my views and i don't want to offend anyone.

shenjiaqing said...

Hi, money. I think your comment is likely to come from my statement `Obviously in general, Indian cleanliness has other standard than others.` i don`t remember why did i say so, but likely to be something that i experienced during my trip that made me feel so. i don`t want to be hypocrite to say just how beautiful or how great India is. i would like to share how i really feel during my trip.
i know why Ganges is dirty and why it is holy to the Hindu. However, i think undeniable, Ganges is very polluted.
i do not know how the Westerner in general think about Indian or Asian, that is not my business but theirs.
I dont feel offended by your comment, i think you are polite enough. i seriously do not think people`s point of view on regards to Ganges or India will get sway by my personal experience.

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