Sunday, October 7, 2007

Haridwar-Delhi, India:20June07

Goddess of Wish-Fulfilling

It was said, Mansa Devi is a wish-fulfilling goddess. We walked the 1.5km uphill to get to the temple. Photography is forbidden in the temple and along the way, there were so many monkeys. Amusingly, those monkeys were not scared of human and always find opportunities to steal food from the visitors and pilgrims. Mathieu and me both followed the queue of pilgrims and made wishes. He refused to tell me his wish(es) saying that it wouldn't come true if he reveals them. Of course i won't tell mine over here as well. :)
We then caught an afternoon train to get to Delhi. Mathieu was leaving 2 days after.

Scenery from Mansa Devi Temple.

Some of the prasad-stealing monkeys.
(Prasad: Food offering used in religous ceremonies.)

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