Sunday, October 21, 2007

Delhi, India: 22June07

Good bye Math ... On my own, again

We both relieved that, i got well today. So Mathieu would leave in the evening and i would on my own again. i knew it would be difficult to deal with everything myself again, but i knew i could make it.
The weather was hot, very hot. We took a cycle rickshaw to Old Delhi. i visited to Red Fort while Mathieu hang around the nearby bazaar trying to get some sourvenir back home. The Red Fort is rather dissapointing, it looks almost similar to Purana Qila that i visited yesterday. i spent only an hour or so inside. Then we went to Jama Masjib. Well, nothing really specially of the mosque except for this is the biggest mosque in Delhi. The photography fees was unreasonably expensive in India standard, so we didn't take picture.
Math had his last beard shaving in India near to the masjib. Then we walked around the small alleys for bazaar. In then end, Math got his sourvenirs for his friends and family just at the touristic Paharganj.
In the evening, i sent him off at train station where he took a taxi to the airport. i had such a good time with Math that i alost think i could never met a travelmate as compatible as him again.

Tea stall at one of the small backstreet in Paharganj.
Indian like tea (chai) and this was the last chai i took together with Mathieu before he left.

New Delhi Railway Station, near Paharganj.

Old Delhi Street. This is a muslim dominant area and nearby there is a striking Jama Masjid (mosque).

Red fort, it dates from the very peak of Mughal power. I personally think this fort is even less impressive than Purana Qila.

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