Sunday, October 21, 2007

Delhi, India: 21June07

I was unwell!

So we had backed to Delhi and Mathieu was leaving tomorrow. This was my first time in Delhi but he arrived in Delhi and had stayed here for a few days. So basically he visited most of the sights here.
Anyway, to accompany me, he waited for me outside while i visited some of the sights.
i went to Hamayun's Tomb while he waited me outside in a park. This was said to be a mini Taj Mahal, in terms of architechtual design. i did a really quick and brief visit as i didn't want Math to wait too long. Unfortunately, i started to feel unwell after my visit to the tomb. i tried to ignore that and i didn't tell Math. We proceed to Purana Qila (fort) then. This fort was rather boring as it just looks like another picnic/dating area for the local. Probably after the magnificiant Johphur fort, every fort is now just unimpressive to me.
The last sight for the day was Indian Gate. By this time, i was extremely unwell and i started to have fever. i probably not drinking enough water for the day.
After some hassles of to get an auto-rickshaw, we ended up to go back to Paharganj by bus. i basically didn't feel like to move now. i drank a lot of water and started to do all the natural therapies (visualization, pendulum, mani pill...) that i knew to heal myself. i knew that it would be a bad bad thing to get sick in a place like India with my partner leaving tomorrow. i couldn't afford this and i would want a good day with Mathieu before we bid farewell.
i slept early and hoping myself to get well in the next day, while Mathieu repeatedly ensured me that, i will be well by tomorrow.

Hamayun's Tomb. This is a squat buiding with high arched entrances that let in light, topped by a bulbous dome and sourrounded by formal gardens.

Purana Qila. The red-sandstone tower was later used by the Mughal Emporor, Humayun, as a library.

Two Indian guys in their 'brotherly' affection.

Indian Gate.

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