Sunday, October 14, 2007

Singapore: 13Oct07

Botanical Garden

There are a few times that i passed by the majestic gate of Singapore Botanical Garden Tanglin Gate, near to the famous shopping street Orchard Road. But for years, this was the very first time that i visited here.

There are many beautiful sculptures around the garden.

There were so many things going on in the garden. People picnic, walking their dogs, playing tai chi or qi gong, jogging, school tour ... All these were before it started to rain cats and dogs.

It rained! The free guided rain forest walk ended in half an hour instead of one hour due to the rain and
This tree has straight trunk with termites 'tunnel'. The guide said, the termites eat the surface or death skin of the trunk and don't hurt the fresh part of the trunk. So they basically don't affect the tree.

This was quite a big spider with its web. It looks really ugly and creepy in closed look!

Myco Mushroom Farm

The mushrooms are grown in a chamber like this and the temperature needs to maintain at aroun 15 degree celcius.

Packages of substracts are put on the rack and arranged nicely in the room. Different kind of mushrooms need different kind of substrats. The smell in the room was not great. :)

The mushrooms grown from the organic substracts.

Different kind of mushrooms.

Kampung (Village) Buangkok

i am still surprised that in the urban mainland Singapore, right behind of these landed property at Yio Chu Kang, there are still almost ten houses in the old 'kampung' style... Muddy dirt road, chickens running around, fruit trees...

This is quite a typical 'kampung' house.

i don't even have this kind of small guava tree in my house back in Malaysia now. It was a pleasant surprise to see it here.

Wow! There is river and even mangrove within the village. The mangrove tree is avicennia alba with its pencil-like pneumetaphore. This mangrove is even more mangrove-like than the one near to my house in Malaysia!

Old Changi Hospital (Hunted...)

- No pictures taken as it was too dark to do so. Visit Singapore Paranormal Investigators website for pictures. :)

In the late evening at around 8.30pm, we visited the haunted abandoned old changi hospital.
We had 30 persons with almost half of us with a flash light. So nothing spooky or creepy.

The famous haunted Cammando Barrack was locked and been monitor by CCTV alarm so we couldn't enter.
It was said, someone draw a satan's picture in a chamber or room. Then the government sent people to repaint the wall. Somehow the satan picture reappeared. Then they repainted again. In the end, the painting guy died and government sealed the place.
Now they are going to renovate and develop the place into a holiday chalet!

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