Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Agra-Khajuraho (via Jhansi), India: 24Jun07

You won't want this ...

Another day for transportation.
Dario did not have train ticket and what he could get on the spot was a standing ticket. So, theoritically he had to stand for 5 hours from Agra to Jhansi but obviously Jhansi is not a popular station so he got a seat after an hour or so. Phew ...
The bus ride from Jhansi to Khajuraho was terrible, as usual. The bus was hot, like an oven, and it stopped all the time to pick up more and more passengers, despite the fact that, it was already rather crowded! (obviously not over crowded in Indian standard.)
We met another Spanish and 2 French girls at Jhansi Railway Station. So there were at least 5 of us to share the local tranport. In the end, Eneko, the Spanish, Dario and me shared a tripple room. That was almost 9pm and we left over guest house in Agra by 8am!
We treated ourselves at an expensive Italian restaurant. Good food. Dario don't like Indian food. He eats every meal without enthusiasm and with great miserable. Well, so this was a feast to him. :)

A railway station we passed by from Agra to Jhansi.
Working people. In a over populated nation, everything is by man power.

Scenic view from the train.

One of the bus stops in one of the towns in between of Jhansi and Khajuraho.
Basically, for a distance of 10km, the bus could take 1 hour to get from one point to another. So this is how frequent the bus stops and how slow it goes.


prateek said...

hey dude.............though u r a bit true in ur description but thats not the true picture at all
by man power v provide employment and that run many families.gandhiji always emphasized on swadeshi(vernacularity) and still v r trying r level best do cope up with the developing world and with that tradition launched by our leaders
and please on ur next visit just try to know the real taste of indian spices, its a pleasure never a misery to eat it just like the italian food.
for us "GUESTS ARE GOD"...........and in hindi.. we say it as "ATHITI DEVO BHAV".
do visit the richest diversity and most cultured country and explore a new nation with old cultures..............i'm sorry for all the miseries and inconvenience u had this time.....thank you.

shenjiaqing said...

Nobody said using 'man power' is wrong. As long as it serves the purpose at least, it doesn't matter to be man power or not.
I like Indian food in India. It is the best Indian food i had eaten. But not everyone likes spices and i think this can't be forced upon.
India is very different from any other country that i had visited. I enjoyed my time there despite any inconveniences or differences in culture.