Sunday, November 11, 2007

Khajuraho, India: 25June07

Vous parlez francais?
All kind of languages ...

We did't wake up as early as we wanted. We then took an Indian breakfast and rented bicycle to roan around the small town. We started from the eastern group temple and the temples are just magnificiant. There aren't erotic sculptures but the curings are so fine and beautiful.
The town is really small. We didn't explore to the western group temple as it was so hot and it wasn't left us that much of time after we went to internet and other logistic things. We decided to explore to this part of the temples tomorrow.
In a way, this town is a really incredible place. People here spek all kind of languages from Spanish to French to Japansese to Korean. All of them just learnt the languages from tourists and yet they are all have such a good command of the language.
The power cut for the day was so frequent that it was really annoying. Due to off season, many shops were not open. But in a way, we got more deals when buying thins as even for shopping lone, you could ge an 'off season' tourist rate. :)

The girl and mother were selling bangles by the streeet.

A jain temple.
Jainism arose in the 6th century BC as a reaction against the caste restraints and rituals of Hinduism.

The jain statues.
Jains believe that liberation can be attained by achieving complete purity of the soul.

The beautiful sculpture on the temple wall.
It looks so 'soft' and natural with the well proportioned human features.

Part of the town. The building behind is actually a school and the stall is a dhobi stall.

The beautiful sunset near to the western group temple.

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