Thursday, November 8, 2007

Chek Jawa, Pulau Ubin, Singapore: 27Oct07

A Welcoming by Knobby Star

The wetland plan.
This is my first visit to Chek Jawa after my month of travel. Everything looks kind of 'new' to me.

The new Chek Jawa Boardwalk.

Seagrass Lagoon. The nursery of sea creatures.

What is this slimy, gross thing?

The sponge crab creates its own disguise to hide under. It uses its pincers to snip a cap out of a sponge or ascidian.

Knobby seastar. It is even bigger than our plams.
Chek Jawa experienced a mass death during last December. Fresh water from Johore River flooded here and killed many creatures.
One of the victim is the giant knobby star. We have not yet seen its return until today.
Chay Hoon was shouted with excitement with her 'discovery'.

Warty sea cucumber. During hgh tide, its tantacles gather supsended detritus in the water.

Butterfly fish. A large 'false eye' on its dorsal fin fools predators into thinking that it is a big fish! If a predator does attach it, the fish unexpectedly swims 'backwards'.

Spiky sponge. A sponge is an animal. It filter-feed on bacteria, plankton and organic particles.

Carpet anemone. Small and sticky tantacles cover its oral disk.
This is an animal closely related to jelly fish.

The Chek Jawa beam at coral rubble area.

The viewing point.

House number one from the British colonial era. Of course this is the renovated version. :)

The beautiful sunset at Pulau Ubin.

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