Friday, June 26, 2009

Central Scotland, UK: Summer 2009

This is an area of enormous beauty and variation. It is accessible too, with most major centres within easy reach and yet it feels miles away from the rat race, offering quick and convenient option for washing away urban grit.

Bridge of Allan, Stirling Region

This was almost the first warm sunny day since we arrived at Scotland. We went picnic at this laid-back former spa town.

The river was very clean, but most parts were a bit too shallow to swim. There were midges all around as well.


When i told my brother-in-law that we moved to Scotland, he said, oh, "Braveheart". The movie by Mel Gibson, about the scottish patriot, William Wallace.
This impressive Victorian monument is dedicated to William Wallace, who was hung, drawn and quartered by the English.

St Andrews, Fife

This golf town (it's the location of the world's most famous golf course, the Old Course) has a surprisingly intact medieval layout and dramatic ruins.

The ruins of St Andrews Castle with dramatic coastline views.

St Andrews is nestled into the wide and sweeping bay. St Andrews University was the first university founded in Scotland.

Besides from the beautiful coastline views, i like the most this striking ruins of St Andrews Cathedral.

Falkirk Region

Falkirk Wheel, the world's first rotating boat lift: Raising vessels plus ~300 tonnes of water, 35m in one steel caisson, while descending boats are carried down in the second caisson on the opposite side of the wheel.

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