Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Glasgow, Scotland, UK: 16 May 2009

Party Glasgow

i like the people in Glasgow, i think even in a big city like this, people are still the friendly Scottish. However i do not really enjoy the famous pub scenes here, likely to because of we are non-drinker. There are just one pub every ten steps in the city centre and people started to drink and get drunk since mid-day.

The pedestrians walking street is one of the heavens for shopaholic in Glasgow. Glasgow is said to be the UK's largest retail contingency outside London.

Gallery of Modern Art have its focal point in the social issues. It can be interesting to see some thought-provoking artistic interpretations of the more marginalised people in today's society.

George Square and the beautiful historical city council.

We get the impression that, after Merchant City, the East end of the city is kind of more run-down.

The Barras, Glasgow's flea market. It closes around mid-day. We were there a bit too late. What we saw was just the empty street full with rubbish, some drunk men and a few patrol policemen. We don't feel particular safe here.

Glasgow Green, near to the rejuvenated River Clyde.

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