Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Tillicoultry, Clackmannanshire, Scotland: Summer 2009

Water, Forest, Cold ...


It rained continuously for 6 days on/off when we just moved to Scotland. It was cold and wet all the time. Somehow, we were lucky to find a flat by ourselves for short term, near to Stirling, below the Orchil Hills, in a small peaceful village called Tillicoultry.

This is our neighbourhood. We could just hike up to the hills as we want. The foot path to go up is 5 minutes from our house.

There are hills and of course there is a river!
The river is just right beside of the road after the first left/right turns to our house.

The small park just below of the hills.
This place is so quiet that, there is even no wireless internet around the areas.
If i switch on my macbook in Cardiff or Brighton, it can detect at least 10 wireless networks.
Overhere, we are the only house where there is internet connection.

Callander, Scotland: 10 May 2008

When KY and KL came to visit us, they told us that, their tour guide said, Callander is a place for old people. May be that is true. The town is of medium size, with mountains for easy hike and water falls / rivers to chill out.

From the small village that we stay, we drove by Bridge of Allan and Doune to go to Callander. It took around 1 hour. On the way, there is a wind field. It seems like there are quite a few wind fields around Scotland. We normally see it along the highway.

Unlike the other part of UK, there is forest in Scotland. It was so pleasant to just walk in the fresh cold air in the forest. The walk was straight forward and easy.

We arrived at Bracklinn falls with our swimming wears in the beg, wanted to brave the cold water at this time. However, there were no way to go down to the falls. The hike stopped above at the falls where we could only look and not able to touch the water at all.

A pool which could be just nice to swim, but couldn't go down there! We ended up just picnic.

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