Sunday, April 22, 2007

Can Tho - Saigon, Vietnam : 22 Apr 07

Last day of Mekong Delta tour. Went to the whole sales market of vegetable. I think this parts is really a small reflection of the current world. Everyone relies so much on the river for living and yet polluting it with human waste and rubbish. Doesn't this look like the world now? Everyone of us 'contributing' in a way to the pollution of our mother Earth.

Nothing great about the trip. Went to fruits farm and padi processing factory. However the French couple in the group have been in a way really taken care of me. Sharing their dinning table with me and we talked from time to time. When we hugged said good bye, i really feel sad that i had to part with them.

After 2 days of not getting proper meal in Mekong Delta, i really hope to get some decent nice vegetarian meal. i took a vege fried rice for lunch in a restaurant that the bus dropped us at and the Vietnamese girls at my table was very kind to help me to ensure that i got something that i wanted. Basically i found most local people here were helpful. The food was not great and with my bleeding nose (i always got nose bleeding problem when i got 'heated'), i really hope to eat some noodle soup! But i did not want to risk for eating something unsure.

So i sat with a Polish guy in the bus. He is working in Vietnam and taking the opportunity to travel around too. It was just another short encounter and no hooked up. i wonder, where does all Asian gone? i did not see even single Asian traveling around until now.

We got to Saigon at around 7pm. i get rid of the tout and got to the hotel recommended by Alice. It was triple more expensive than what i am willing to pay, but I will see what to do then. Found the vege restaurant that i wanted to go, got the bliss of eating a proper meal and yes, i am very tired now. Time to back to hotel and rest.

Floating market. But mostly for whole sales.

The fruists plantation.

The rice processing factory.

The local market. I like Vietnamese markets. They are lively and you can get anything from real gold to vegetable to toiletaries just at one place.

1.)Food: 58,000 D
2.)Accommodation: USD 8
3.)Trip: USD 5 (one day Chi Chu Tunnel trip with Sinh Cafe)
4.)Others: Vietnamese Hat - 10,000 D + India Lonely Planet Book - USD 8

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