Saturday, April 21, 2007

Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 19Apr07

A Visit to the Orphanage - Save the Children Cambodia for Development

The weather wasn't as hot due to the rain last night. This was a bliss. My very nice moto driver waited for me at the front door of guest house at 8am and we were set to the Save the Children of Cambodia Development (SCD), an orphanage.

The driver got the way wrong, so we was lost but finally got to SCD (Save the Children Cambodia for Development) in an hour time. The place wasn't what i imagined at all. I did not expect something that i would see at Singapore or Malaysia but i was still shocked to find that, SCD was in the middle of padi field! i actually told the driver that, this mustn't be the place as there was no signboard and the place looked like some where a farmer will stay. But the SCD staff convinced me that, it was the place.

The staff showed me around and explained the operation of the place to me. Surprisingly, for such a basic place, the children were very well mannered, polite and very cheerful. The could speak basic English and they were just amazing! Contented and grateful. When i gave them the just some hair pins and small toys, ALL of them thanked me in English. i spent probably around two hours there and left. i was glad that i extended another day just to come here, if not, two days will be enough for Phnom Penh.

Then we went to Russian Market for shopping. i bought a silk krama at USD 3 and 2 pants at USD 4. This was the end of my journey PP already. i got the driver sent me to the river side. Passed by a blind massage centre, so went inside for a Japanese massage for just USD 5/hr. Then ate my lunch/dinner at the famous FCC (Foreign Corresponding Centre). i couldn't finish my vege pizza , so i basically just waved at a single guy. He came over, i offered him the pizza and chatted a bit, so end of the story.

i found that in PP, food has been my greatest expenses due to my particularity. Probably have to think of a way in Vietnam, or else i will far over budget. :)

With the kids at SCD.

My motorbike drive.

The market scene.

The street scene.

1.) Transport: USD 13 + 2500R\
2.) Food: USD 8 + 5000R
3.) Accommodation: USD 4
4.) Others: Shopping - USD 7 + 2000R, Massage - USD 5, Donation to orphanage - USD 10


Grand total of trip to PP from Singapore including flight: SGD 323


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