Monday, April 16, 2007

Singapore, 15 Apr 07

Chijmes is one of my favorite places in Singapore.
It used to be a school but it now houses bars and restaurants.
(Must be quite sad to the previous students though.)
It has a beautiful yard and very good dinning ambient, but is expensive.

I always like this kind of colonial time buildings.
You can find many in Penang but in Singapore, many of these buildings have been renovated and converted into some kind of expensive shop or bar or restaurant.

This is the shrine hall of an Amernenian Church.
There is a cementry in the church compound. It took some pictures but somehow accidentally deleted them when i cleared my memory card.
I like those statues in the cementry. They gave the grave yard a kind of very peaceful and holy ambient.

One of the buildings of Singapore Management University.
It is proudly situated in the city area and if i am not mistaken, all school buildings are connected underground.

Clarke Quay is looking very nice after the renovation.
This fountain looks a bit like the one at Parco Bugis Juction.
Again, i like those old buildings.

One of the bar.
Some bar serve a kind of smoke. It has a mouth and a long tube.
I don't know what exactly it is called, but i saw the similar kind of smoking apparatus at some bars near Raffles Place too.
i am not a smoker, so this thing is not an attraction to me.
But somehow, i think public sharing the mouth of the tube is very very dirty and unhygient.

The roof changes from one color to the other.
When we passed by Boat Quay later, we could easily noticed that, the business here is very much affected by all attractions at the Clarke Quay now.
When you walk pass each bar or restaurant, the waitress/waiter will somehow ask whether you want to take a drink or eat something.

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