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Phnom Penh, Cambodia - 17 Apr 07

Halo! The Capital of Cambodia!

i woke up at 4.30am and left Singapore with Jetstar flight at 7am. Arrrived a Phnom Penh at 8am (time in Cambodia is one hour behind of time in Singapore). What i could said is, hot hot hot.

i took the motocycle taxi from airport to Capitol Gueshouse 3. i was wearing my Laos skirt and yogi loose blouse. Then i found that, people on the road was staring at me. So i noticed that, women is expected to sit side way on the motorbike. It is 'únsighful' to sit with both legs open, especially when you are wearing a skirt! The women here also wear in a very western way, probably just more covered, long pant or T shirt. So i looked really really foregin then. But with my small eyes, i guess nobody will think i am local too. So it doesn't matter.

Phnom Penh is basically very modern now. She has a few modern shopping centres and many foreign cuisine! My friend , Frankie, who has been working here for 10 years surprised me even more by telling me that, there is one huge casino and more than 30 electronics casino/game centre in such a small place like this! i saw some very majestic and huge houses near the Independant Monument. So i could say that, like Laos, Cambodia has as very big gap of poor and rich. Probably this is just true at every where in the world!

I first visited to National Museum. They charge a USD 1 for camera, but you could only take picture at the garden. So i think this is a waste of money. Bacause i have been to Angkor Wat, this made the exhibits in the museum sounds more meaningful to me. (Don't expect any great explainations in the museum, but you can get a guide if you want to.) The garden was really beautiful, since i paid for taking photos as well, so i took quite a few!

After that, i tried to look for a vege restaurant. After almost half an hour walking under the hot sun, then i found the place but it was closed! XYZ$^*)(_&
i went to the restaurant beside of the vege restaurant then. i told them in English that i wanted some rice without meat. But later i found that, actually in Phnom Penh, Chinese is more useful than English. Many businesses are ran by Chinese and even the Khmer can speak a few Chinese words. Then, i started to talk to the local in Chinese first rather than English.

i was a bit regret for not purchased the USD 2 camera fees for loyal palace and silver pagoda. Even though you couldn't take photo inside of the building, but the outside looked so nice that it was a waste for not taking picture. Of course i could just take picture like that, since nobody is checking inside to see whether you have bought the camera ticket. But i did not want to be dishonest! So i did not take any pictures (now i think that, may be i am a bit silly. I could always take and pay later! A lesson lernt). It was interesting that, the weather is so hot that even the birds were bathing in the pool of water!

Wat Phnom was a bit far from the town central, but i have managed to walk there as well. This is also the last destination that i walk to. Subsequently, i took only motorcycle taxi. The temple was very very 'smoky'with incense. I did not pay the 'çompulsory'donation of USD 1. Instead, i used the money to do liberation of 2 birds. Then i gave 500 Riel to a landmind beggar.

The last desitnation of the day was central market. It looked like an old Russian kind of railway station to me. It was around 5pm when i was there and most stall has closed. i bought my breakfast for tomorrow there, a dragon fruits and an orange for just 4000R. The other garment stall doesn't interest me though.

Frankie drives. So he drove me around the city area. It was interesting because i normally missed the night scene when i am traveling abroad. Further more, Ah Khoon keep saying it is dangerous to go out at night, so i better don't do so. We passed by the Casino, many shopping malls, some kind of local fun fair , night market selling roasted insects ....

I was really tired when i got back to guest house. But i took an hour to bath and do other 'body maintenance! This is record 'breaking to me! But i really don't want to fall sick or got any health problem, so it is important to apply body lotion, face toner, foot gel ...

* When i woke up in the morning, my body was sticky. i did not sure it is because of all the lotion that i applied or because of my sweat!


1.) Transport:
- Jetstar Singapore - PP : SGD 139
- Taxi to Changi Airport: SGD 24
- Motocycle to guest house: USD 2
- Motocycle from Wat Phnom to Central Market: 1000R
- Motorcycle From Central Market to river side - 2000R
- Motorcycle from river side to Olympic Stadium - USD 1 + 1000R (i was charged double for this, but due to New Year, i don't care much for just a few cent. The driver gave me a name card and asked me to contact him if i need any further transportation service, but why should i? i don't feel angry doesnt mean i like to be cheated. :)

2.) Food n Water: SGD2 + USD 3 + 7500R

3.) Entrance fees for sigh seeing (including donation): USD 8 + 2000R

4.) Accommodation: Capitol GH - Fan, attached bathroom, clean, small but quiet USD 4

5.) Internet: 2000R/ hour

1.) Taxi (car or motorcycle) from airport to town: The car counter is at the right side right after you come out from the main entrance. It is more expensive, at USD 5. Don't worry if you want a cheaper option. What you need to do is just to stand there and some motorcyclist will approach you. It will cost you USD 2.

The National Museum of Cambodia. There are many beautiful sculptures from different era.

It was just one week after Cambodian New Year. There was some kind of celebration just out side of the Royal Palace.

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