Friday, June 29, 2007

Anjuna-Bombay: 6 June 07

Goa Beaches

The famous Anjuna flea market was small due to the off season. There was nothing much to shop around and for the rest of the day, we just hang around the beach area and chit chatting. The weather was very hot and humid that we got really sticky and dirty well before the bus ride to Bombay.

The private bus (which looks like the Malaysian "bus kilang" - factory bus) was definitely better than the previous bus that we took from Hospect to Goa. But it was also as hot (no air con) and whenever the bus stopped to pick up other passengers, i just felt that i am going to die from suffocation. Due to the smelly and sticky conditions of mine, i wasn't able to catch a sleep. But keeping awake in a bus like this was even more disasterious, so somehow i managed to put myself to slumber.

Cost: 466 Rs

The famous Baga beach of Goa. Loaded with many sun beds but due to off season, strong tide, there are not many tourist.

Palolem beach, hemmed in at either end by rocky crags. At least this is a quieter beach with nobody trying to sell us drug.

The sunset of Anjuna beach.

This was really funny but yet dangerous. The people was standing on the rock to take picture and they knew that, when the tide comes in, the water is going to splash on them. A big wave came indeed... :P

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