Friday, June 8, 2007

My Sore-Hospet, India: 1June07

Shopping, Thali ...

i generally find it difficult to find coffee or tea without milk in India. A lot of time, even if i asked for without milk, what was served will still be something with milk.

i would just do shopping for the day. i went into a shop and the shop keeper insisted that i am the first customer and i MUST buy something from her, or else there would be bad luck for the day to her. In the end, i bought a blouse which i didn't really want.

There are not many female shopkeepers (almost none) selling clothes over here. i found it a bit uncomfortable to buy female cloth from the male and i doubt they know anything about female fashion. But somehow i managed to buy an Indian kalwar salmeez then. The shopkeepers kept wanted to sell me the sparking bright yellow or orange color garments and i had to repeat and repeat to him that, i am not used to this kind of thing! i was glad that, in the end, i settled at something less bright in color.

Cost: 655 Rs

Sayyaji Rao Road, the main shopping street.

The 'usual' India street sight. The vehicle and animal carriage both on running on the same road.

The Thali. India is a heaven for vegetarian.

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