Friday, June 1, 2007

Chennai, India - 29May07

First Time, First Day India

My first ripped off in India was i paid 400 Rs from the airport to the guest house at Egmore. Later, i further found out that to many merchants and autorishaw drivers, tourists are just walking wallets. They would not rob you or snag your wallet but cheating you in this way and other are just kind of 'nothing wrong' and 'not' God damn.

You are about to read tonnes of things that i could 'complaint' about Chennai. Skipped this if you don't want to read my grumbling.

After roaming around the city, i decided that, i couldn't like Chennai at all. The people is unfriendly and unhelpful. The city is a combination of noise, dirt, urine smell, beggars, handicapped and people who treated you as walking ATM. The autorishaw drivers are so determined to overcharge you that their left no room of negotiation. If there is anything that i like about this city, then may be it is the conveniency for me to find vegetarian food.

Chennai has no city centre. The area is so extensive that one just couldn't walk to everywhere. When i walked on the street, people from children to women to men, stare at me from head to toes for 3 minutes! It was really uncomfortable.

i shared a dorm with a German guy. He was leaving to go back home after 4 months in South India. We chatted a bit and he shared me some of his experience. There was a group of Indian young guys from the other province who have just found a job in Chennai. They were staying in the next dorm. ALL of them were so curious about EVERYTHING about two of us. For some of the things such as Education level, i really don't see how this could be related to them at all.

The first day in India or Chennai basically had do a fair share to drain up some of my energy. i remember some people commented that Vietnam is difficult to travel. But if compare with India, Vietnam is just one over ten of difficulties. i have never found Vietnam 'consuming' my energy at all.

Cost: SGD 262 including flight, AirIndia Express.

This 13km sandy stretch of Marina Beach is the most disgusting and gross beach that i have ever visited in my whole life! The sand is the mixture of all kind of rubbish and waste and yet people walking bare feet in it. It was summer holiday when i was there and it was very crowded with so many people and hawkers there. The sea water is murky with floating rubbish.

The sunset at Marina Beach. The beach was the scene of devastation after the 2004 tsunami, when fishing shanties lining the foreshore were inundated.

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