Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Sapa, Vietnam - 12May07

Fading Love Market

The initial plan was to go trekking. However it rained. So Laksmi and me just sat at our huge balcony and chit chatting.

When the rained wasn't as heavy later, we went to the market again. i really wanted to eat some street food if i could. The market here was equally lively as any other in Vietname. Tonight, there would be a Love Market in front of the church. Last time, this Love Market used to be a place where tribal girl and boy meet their partner. But nowadays, it becomes another night market for handicraft shopping.However due to the market tonight, we saw nmore tribal people today, with their different but equally colorful costumes.

Then we trekked to the radio station. The scenery was good on the top of the hilll. We could saw the lake and Fansipan Mountain too. But later we met Janjaque again. He went to the trekking trip and he said the rain stopped there. So i was kind of dissapointed not making to the trip.

Today, we got a beautiful sunset from our balcony. The rain stopped completely in the late evening and many people came out from their room to take the picture of the sunset.

Lakshmi's left at 6.30pm and we bid farewell. i then went to a tour company to book a market trip cum village visit for tomorrow. At least this would make up for me not able to do the trekking.

The eatery in the market.
Lakshmi took some noodle but nothing for me.
No vegetarian food. :(

We took a short trek to Sapa radio tower.
Supposingly, we should be able to see the Vietnam's highest peak, Fansipan, at 3143m.
However the fog was too thick to see the background clearly.

The views of the valley from the radio tower.

It used to be the "Love Market" at Saturday night , where the tribe people meet in front of the old church, to find their life partner. Eventually it becomes merely the business ground for tribe people to sell handcrafts to the tourists.

1.)Food: 64000D
2.)Sights: 30000D + USD 10
3.)Accommodation: USD 5
4.) Others: 12000 D

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