Monday, May 7, 2007

Nha Trang-Hoi An, Vietnam: 30 Apr 07

Hello! Hong

i woke up at 6.30am, except for the hard bed, the night was fine. I got my things packed and left the guest house. The hotel mama was very kind. Hugged and said good bye to me. We both busying bid fare well and forgot about my passport. i found that i did not take my passport when i got to the bus company in the town centre. Then walked back to the guesthouse again.

The bus was at night, so i had a walking tour in the town. i first when to the local small museum and then the market. i felt so funny when the shopkeeper quoted me a T shirt at 90000 D. i got one at 25000 D in Saigon, so i knew this was a few times of inflated price. i then said 20000 D and i got the T shirt at this price then.

Little did i expect that i would meet this kind Vietnamese girl, Hong. She approached me while i was visiting the town church. She came here with her mother to visit her relative and she invited me to join her in walking around the town. So we went to a temple together, the Cham ruins and chilled out at a small island. It was a nice tour and we got to one after another destination on her motorbike. However i felt sorry that she had to pay the inflated foreigner rate because she was with me.

Towards this stage of my trip, i think i like Vietnamese coffee. However it was kind of like really strong. Normally if i asked them to make the coffee less strong, then the aroma was really good then. i bought a small coffee maker at 20000 D. It would be useful to make a cup or two of coffee when i got back home.

Street scene, near to Dam Market.

Across the street, the castle-like building is Nha Trang Cathedral.
The Catholic cemetery not far from the church was disinterred to make room for a new train-station building. The ashes were brought to the catherdral and rebureid in the cavities behind the wall of plaques that line the ramp up the hill.

The 14-m high huge white Buddha of Long Son Pagoda. We took the 152 stone steps to get to the platform.
The top of the hill has great views of Nha Trang and nearby rural areas.

The Cham towers of Po Nagar stand on a granite knoll and on the banks of the Cai River.

One of the Cham towers built between 7th and 12 centuries. This site was used for Hindu worship but today, both Chinese and Vietnamese buddhists come to pary and make offerings.

We took a short boat ride to get to this isle. There is a buddhist temple on this small isle.

1.) Food: 62000 D
2.) Transport: 30000 D
3.) Others: Shopping T shirt - 20000 D

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