Monday, May 7, 2007

Hoi An - Hue, Vietnam: 3May07

When i got to Hue, i was tired. i basically just went with the tout to the hotel that he mentioned even without bargaining of price. USD 5 would be one of the cheapest room i ever got in Vietnam. i went to train station to buy my train ticket to Hanoi then. It was 40 minutes and i did not know that it would be as far. Luckily i got my lunch on the way, so kind of regained a bit with my energy and sense.

i passed by Ho Chih Minh Museum by the street. So i just went inside. There was a group of student obviously with the teacher. i could tell that they were really curious about me, but none of them dared to talk to me first. i wasn't really in the right mood to make friend too, so i just acted cool and ignored them.

It has been almost 3 weeks for my trip. i am getting very tan now and besides from i am from Korea, Japan and China, people started to say i am a Thai or Vietnamese. Well, i hope they really thought i am a Vietnamese so that i would not need to pay for the double charge of foreigner rate!

i walked along Perfume River and got to the market. The river was called "perfume" because: Legend 1.) The source of river passed through some kind of very fragrance flowers and making the river smell good. Legend 2.) The people stay by the river liked the river so much that they actually 'showered' the river with flowers everyday. Of course, nowadays, the river is just another murky river of Vietnam.

I started to like the market in Veitnam. Cleanliness is an issue, but the market is really convenience that basically you could get everything you wanted over there. From REA: goldto hardware to clothes to any kind of good. For foreigner, bargaining at market is really tiring. But as long so you don't mind to pay a little bit more (foreigner rate is always 4 or 5 times higher), then it was really fun and convenience to shop in the market. Of course heat is a problem, but i have get used to it long ago.

Interesting. On the street, i met with the Italian and Finland girls i hang out with in Hoi An. Such a small world. Someone said, "If you are using Lonely Planet, then you would never get lonely!" Yes, everyone is using this small magic book.

i even met Viet Ha for the third time just on the street! She invited me to join her and the German couple (yes, they met on the street again!) to the bar at night. i told her that, if i was there, then i was there, or else, don't wait for me. i was tired, so it ended up that, i did not show up. i don't think they mind too. :)

Scenery from Hue to Hoi An.

Uncle Ho Musuem. On displays are photographs and documents related to his life and achievements.

This is actually a school. Historically, Hue has been the heartbeat of Vietnam, including a centre of educational excellence.

The city of Hue lies along either side of the Perfume River.

Hue street scene.

1.) Accommodation: USD 5
2.) Food: 99000 D
3.) Transport: 6000 D (Hoi An GH to Sinh Cafe) + Train to Hanoi 177000 D (slow train, hard seat)
4.) Sights: Museum 10000 D + Hoi An City Tour (including Royal Tombs) USD 7
5.) Others: Skirt - 50000 D (found the skirt to have no linen. So it basically see through under the sun. Need to do a double work on it when i got back then.)

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