Monday, May 7, 2007

Dalat-Nha Trang, Vietnam - 28Apr07

"Do you have a room?"

i got to Nha Trang in the afternoon. Every hotel and guest house telling me that "full". i refused to pay USD 20 for a room which normally costs USD 10, so i just walked along the street from one end to the other.

Then i went inside a guest house (probably my number 20th time to ask "Do you have a room?") run by a mother and 2 teacher daughters. i told them that i am a student and i am solo and really need a room. Then they offered me their room at the back of the hotel (not a hotel room) at USD 7 (after my bargain), but i need to check out tomorrow at 6am because even this tiny room will be rented out! USD 7 at this festive time, so i just took it! They said if i don't feel like to move then, i could stay in the room of the mother and a daughter the next day! i treated this as some kind of home stay and was happy to enough to have a place to stay.

i started to walk around the town to look for dive centre. One of the main purpose i came to Nha Trang is to dive! Then i met this very cute and interesting young guy from Isreal, Joy, while having my dinner at an Italian restaurant. After that, we hang out for a while to have a drink near to the beach and took street dessert. It was fun to have someone to come out with at night!

The bus was approaching Nha Trang. Nha Trang is said to be the place to come and party.

Nha Trang Beach. The town area is built along the long beach line.

The street food stall. This one sells a kind of coconut milk desert served with sago ball, peanut and baked banana. It is extremely sweet and Joy loved it!

1.) Transport: 20000D
2.) Food: 102000 D
3.) Dive: 35 USD 2 dives including lunch
4.) Accommodation: 7 USD

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