Monday, May 7, 2007

Nha Trang, Vietnam - 29Apr07

Sorry, Julian ...

This was a diving day. The first dive was sucked! We went to 30meter and i lost my bouyancy and shot up to the surface with my partner (Julian, a French dive master). I event kicked off his regulator because i was too panicked! It was dangerous and i really felt bad for him. i always have some kind of problem when i do my first dive. Next time, i would never do a deep dive in my trip first dive!

The second dive was good then. Shallow dive at around 15 meter. Many hard corals but not as many soft corals. The usual fishes like parrot fish, angel fish, moray... The bouyancy was ok and i dived for 57 minutes! This was considered as long.

The water clearity in Nha Trang is basically so so. Marine life is not as great as in Malaysia too. Diving is not a popular sport in Vietnam, so basically no local divers. However it was nice to have someone who i can speak in English without thinking, how am i supposed to make him/her understand me?

One of the dive instructor, Larry is from New York. It was really interesting to talk with him. He said he left America because he felt disspointed with the country. He has been living in Vietnam for 6 years. According to him, at least living in a foreign country with a kind of culture which he could never understand is easier.

On my way to go back to the guest house after the dive, i met Joy (the Isreali guy) on the street again! He was supposed to leave around 2pm, so i was quite surprised to see him. He basically shouted my name for 2 streets! i thought it was some tout shouting at me, so i just ignored him. Until after 2 streets, i decided that i have never met such a persistant tout and i should really look at him. Then, well, it was him. It was really funny.

So actually the hotel mother and daughter are sleeping in the living room of the hotel! They set up a bed of me and i shared that 'room' with them. Everyone passing by or in out of the hotel could see me sleeping there. i was half a slept when i overheard someone asked a for a room. Basically there were 2 female asking for a room first but they refused to pay for such a simple room at 15 USD. They probably met this guy who was willing to share the room with them. Then 3 of them walked back. The hotel mama refused to let 2 of them to share a room, saying either 2 girls or 2 boys only. Then out of sudden, they guy said, "i am a gay, so this is not a problem!" i don't believe this at all and i was laughing like hell then. Such a night.

The water look blueist and clear but in fact the visibility of water was not as great. Likely to be 10meter.
The boat ride to this dive site took around 45 minutes from Nha Trang town.

Nha Trang beach in the evening.

The town at night. A lot of alcohol.

1.) Food: 51000 D
2.) Accommodation: USD 7
3.) Others: 39000 D

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