Friday, June 29, 2007

Anjuna,Goa: 5June07

They took care of me!

Probably because of the season was not right, the beaches have very very strong wave. We went to a few beaches by scooter (3 of us on a scooter!), but all beaches were just equally dissapointing. The water is murky, strong tide, some not even with any sand or coconut trees. This place is really nothing if compare with the nice beaches in Thailand or Malaysia.

The beach itself wasn't great to me at all. But with good companions, i kind of started to enjoy the trip now. The whole trip was now relaxing to me, with both Matt and Vivien taking care of almost all logistics. They took care of me in every way to make sure that i am comfortable. i think i started to have some luck now.

Cost: 340 Rs

The yellow structure is part of a restaurant by Anjuna beach. The wave was too strong that the water kept splashing into the restaurant. So they put on the yellow canvas.

The tribe women selling their handmade handicraft by Anjuna beach, near to the bus station.

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